Getting Started Samples for the Solace Spring Cloud Stream Binder
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Spring Cloud Streams - Getting Started Examples

These samples have been hand-picked from the Spring Cloud Stream samples project in order to demonstrate the functionality of the Spring Cloud Stream Binder for Solace PubSub+. Aside from their configuration, these applications have remained mostly untouched.

Spring Cloud Stream Binder for Solace PubSub+

The repository contains example applications that uses a Solace implementation of Spring's Cloud Stream Binder for connecting applications to Solace Pubsub+ services. You can get more details on the Spring Cloud Stream Binder for Solace PubSub+ here.

This repository contains sample applications which demonstrate the following use cases:

  • A simple processor application
  • An application which can create and produce to dynamic destinations
  • An application which can process data in a reactive manner
  • An application which inserts data into a database through JDBC

What follows is a brief summary for people that want to dive straight into the code.

Common Setup

Aside from having the credentials to an accessible Solace PubSub+ service and a running MySql service (only for the JDBC sample), each application can effectively be ran standalone.


Just clone and build. For example:

  1. Clone this GitHub repository
  2. Place your Solace credentials (and MySql credentials if required) in each application's application.yml file
  3. mvn clean package


To run the individual applications:

  1. cd to the project directory (e.g. streamlistener-basic)
  2. java -jar target/{PROJECT-NAME}-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar

Aside from the initial configuration of their application.yml files, each sample was designed to run with minimal intervention from the user. Unless specified otherwise in that application's specific documentation, the application can be observed by just watching its log output.


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This project is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. - See the LICENSE file for details.


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