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A competitive gamemode for Demoknight players in TF2
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A competitive format for Demoknights.

This is a modified ETF2L 6v6 config made for the following purpose: To give Demoknights a means of competition. Rules are as follows:

Classlimits: 1 Soldier, 6 Demoknight, 1 Medic, 0 for all else

Supported gamemodes: 5CP, KOTH, Stopwatch, CTF, Pass Time (though pass time and stopwatch are unlikely to be played)

Weapon bans: Stickybomb Launcher, Scottish Resistance, Quickiebomb Launcher, Sticky Jumper, Vaccinator, B.A.S.E Jumper


Console command is sm_disablestickies 1. It is executed automatically by the config, enabling it if the plugin is present on the server.

Note that there is no actual way to ban the stock Sticky Launcher without this plugin. Fortunately, we have not had any cases of people griefing with stickies because nobody wants to get kicked or banned.

Thank you to EaasyE for creating the plugin!

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