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package resolv
// Shape is a basic interface that describes a Shape that can be passed to collision testing and resolution functions and
// exist in the same Space.
type Shape interface {
IsColliding(Shape) bool
WouldBeColliding(Shape, int32, int32) bool
GetTags() []string
HasTags(...string) bool
GetData() interface{}
GetXY() (int32, int32)
SetXY(int32, int32)
Move(int32, int32)
// BasicShape isn't to be used directly; it just has some basic functions and data, common to all structs that embed it, like
// position and tags. It is embedded in other Shapes.
type BasicShape struct {
X, Y int32
tags []string
Data interface{}
// GetTags returns a reference to the the string array representing the tags on the BasicShape.
func (b *BasicShape) GetTags() []string {
return b.tags
// AddTags adds the specified tags to the BasicShape.
func (b *BasicShape) AddTags(tags ...string) {
if b.tags == nil {
b.tags = []string{}
b.tags = append(b.tags, tags...)
// RemoveTags removes the specified tags from the BasicShape.
func (b *BasicShape) RemoveTags(tags ...string) {
for _, t := range tags {
for i := len(b.tags) - 1; i >= 0; i-- {
if t == b.tags[i] {
b.tags = append(b.tags[:i], b.tags[i+1:]...)
// ClearTags clears the tags active on the BasicShape.
func (b *BasicShape) ClearTags() {
b.tags = []string{}
// HasTags returns true if the Shape has all of the tags provided.
func (b *BasicShape) HasTags(tags ...string) bool {
hasTags := true
for _, t1 := range tags {
found := false
for _, shapeTag := range b.tags {
if t1 == shapeTag {
found = true
if !found {
hasTags = false
return hasTags
// GetData returns the data on the Shape.
func (b *BasicShape) GetData() interface{} {
return b.Data
// SetData sets the data on the Shape.
func (b *BasicShape) SetData(data interface{}) {
b.Data = data
// GetXY returns the position of the Shape.
func (b *BasicShape) GetXY() (int32, int32) {
return b.X, b.Y
// SetXY sets the position of the Shape.
func (b *BasicShape) SetXY(x, y int32) {
b.X = x
b.Y = y
// Move moves the Shape by the delta X and Y values provided.
func (b *BasicShape) Move(x, y int32) {
b.X += x
b.Y += y
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