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This page describes how to view, modify, and contribute to the source code behind SolarNetwork.

SolarNetwork API

The SolarNetwork API allows external applications to be built using the SolarNetwork platform.

  • API Guide is a good place to start for understanding the SolarNewtork API.
  • API SDK Docs are available for the SolarNetwork API SDK.

SolarNetwork Developer Guide

If you want to develop the SolarNetwork platform itself, there are many resources to help you get started.

Getting Started

  • Developer VM is a good place to start if you're new to SolarNetwork. It will guide you through setting up a fully configured SolarNetwork development environment running in a virtual machine. Alternatively, the Eclipse Setup Guide will guide you through manually configuring an Eclipse IDE development environment for working with the SolarNetwork code.
  • Debugging SolarNetwork with Eclipse shows how to run and debug SolarNetwork applications inside Eclipse
  • Building SolarNetwork applications describes how to build applications (without using Eclipse)

SolarNode Devices

SolarNode Development

SolarNode is the distributed component of the SolarNetwork platform, and typically runs on small, low-power computers.

SolarNet Development

SolarNet is the centralized service component of the SolarNetwork platform.

  • SolarNet Development Guide describes how to set up a development environment for the SolarNet application.
  • Developer PKI Guide describes how to set up the necessary public key infrastructure to enable SolarNode to SolarNet secure communication in a development environment.

SolarDRAS Development

SolarDRAS is a centralized demand-response application where SolarNodes can participate in grid demand events.

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