Developer Guide

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SolarNetwork Developer Guide

This page describes how to view, modify, and contribute to the source code behind SolarNetwork.

Getting Started

  • Developer VM is a good place to start if you're new to SolarNetwork. It will guide you through setting up a fully configured SolarNetwork development environment running in a virtual machine. Alternatively, the Eclipse Setup Guide will guide you through manually configuring an Eclipse IDE development environment for working with the SolarNetwork code.
  • Debugging SolarNetwork with Eclipse shows how to run and debug SolarNetwork applications inside Eclipse
  • Building SolarNetwork applications describes how to build applications (without using Eclipse)

SolarNode Devices

SolarNode Development

SolarNode is the distributed component of the SolarNetwork platform, and typically runs on small, low-power computers.

SolarNet Development

SolarNet is the centralized service component of the SolarNetwork platform.

  • SolarNet Development Guide describes how to set up a development environment for the SolarNet application.
  • Developer PKI Guide describes how to set up the necessary public key infrastructure to enable SolarNode to SolarNet secure communication in a development environment.

SolarDRAS Development

SolarDRAS is a centralized demand-response application where SolarNodes can participate in grid demand events.