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Final Mod Pack for OpenXCom
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Final Mod Pack for OpenXCom


by Open X-Com community Collected by: Human Ktulu and Solarius Scorch Nocturnal Productions

WARNING: Requires nightly build version 2018-04-28 or later! Get it from

WHAT DOES THIS MOD DO? It adds lots of new content: alien races, missions, weapons, maps, you name it. And everything was made by our community members.

WHY WAS IT MADE? This megamod has two goals in mind:

  1. To include as much extra content made by the community as possible without going overboard, as well as ensure that this content is balanced.
  2. To make the game take longer, so that various tiers of equipment and aliens lasted long enough to appreciate them.


  • Open your "user" folder (normally Documents/MyGames/Openxcom, though it can be set up differently),
  • Copy the entire Final Mod Pack folder to the "/mods" folder,
  • Enable the mod from the Game Options menu.

If you have any issues, see the excellent installation video tutorial by Ivan Dogovich:

Also, if you want to enjoy an alternative set of custom sounds, get Daedalus' very nice High Quality Sounds mod for this pack at


  • Make sure you use the "item is destroyed on research" option, or else you will be able to research the Alien Data Slate over and over, which would be a cheat.
  • Please note that all weapons were balanced for "UFO Extender Accuracy" option turned on, since it makes combat more interesting and varied. You don't have to do it, but it's recommended.

HOW DO I PROVIDE FEEDBACK? Please post any feedback - bug reports, tanks, criticisms, requests for enhancements and the like - on the following thread: Or simply in the OXC Mods comment section.

SO WHAT IS INSIDE, EXACTLY? It can be split into two categories: content that was added from other mods (sometimes slightly tweaked) and the framework that makes it viable. For the former, check the list of included mods below; for the latter, it mostly concerns changes to the tech tree.

IS THIS MOD FOR EVERYONE? No mod is for everyone, because some compromises always have to be made. For example, we do not include content that would invalidate any vanilla content, because we don't want to take away what people already know - only add new stuff. Therefore you may find that some of our decisions were not what you expected. Still, this is a monumental work adding and balancing everything, which you don't have to do yourself, so it's probably worth it!

IS THIS MOD COMPLETE? Hard to say. The community still makes great mods, so something worth adding may come up, but at this point we're pretty much done. Nevertheless, we will still be fixing any new bugs and perhaps change things that are really unpopular. If you want more of the same, please try X-Com Files - my next project, which contains the entirety of the Final Mod Pack and much, much more.

IS THIS MOD COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER MODS? Generally, yes. However, since this is so complex, there is a significant risk that it will conflict with something else. It certainly works with all rulesets released with the game, like the XComUtil elements. Before applying the mod, make sure it's not already included in the package! If it is, expect a conflict of some sort.

ANY TIPS ON HOW TO PLAY? The only major difference between playing vanilla game and the Final Mod Pack is access to new research. The FMP tech tree relies rather heavily on live alien interrogation, so capturing aliens - especially higher ranks - is essential. Do not expect to get even to lasers without some investment in live alien capture equipment! Also, build radars to cover all continents ASAP. The Men in Black bases are particularly nasty, since they may operate for months before discovering them. Finally, prepare for a longer war than usual. This can't be finished in three months of game time, and I doubt you'll manage within a year.

WHAT LANGUAGES ARE SUPPORTED? Currently, the fully supported languages are British English, US English, Russian and Polish. Spanish, Japanese and German are mostly supported, which means some strings may be missing or outdated, but the mod should be playable in these languages. Other languages are not supported, though some have random strings translated.

ANY FUTURE PLANS? Yeah, a better readme. :P Certainly more language versions, if they come to us. And of course we will continue with upgrading and expanding the mod, since our community is tremendously talented!

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