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Bluetooth notification device
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  • x3 47 Ohm resistors
  • x1 330 Ohm resistor
  • x2 10k Ohm resistor
  • x1 100k Ohm resistor
  • x2 10 uF Capacitor
  • x2 .1 uF Capacitor
  • x1 4.7 uF Capacitor
  • x1 Push button switch
  • x1 LED
  • x1 Li-Ion Battery
  • x1 Micro USB
  • x1 ATMEL ATtiny85
  • x1 Microchip MCP73832
  • x1 Microchip MCP1755 (MIC5504 alternative)
  • x1 Osram LRTB GFTG

Current consumption:

Part Current
ATMEL ATtiny85 3mA = 3.3V @ 8MHz, 5mA = 5V @ 8MHz
HM-10 50mA = 3.3V (active 8.5mA, sleep 50-200uA)
OSRAM LRTB GFTG Red = 5-40mA, Green = 5-50mA, Blue = 5-50mA
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