a ruby binding for accessing the GameFAQs database (game reviews, faqs, cheats)
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GameFAQs Library

This is a simple gem which gives you access to information about all games (any platform) from GameFAQs.com

You can search for games by title and platform, and then view Reviews, FAQs, Cheats and Answers for it.


gem install Soleone-gamefaqs --source=http://gems.github.com

(Case sensitive!)

Getting started

require 'gamefaqs'

Find games and platforms

  # Search for a game containing two words on the Nintendo DS
  game = GameFaqs::Search.game("Castlevania Ecclesia", "DS")
  # You can also search starting from the platform
  snes = GameFaqs::Platform.find("snes")
  game = snes.find("super mario world")

Examples for quick random quotes

  include GameFaqs

  game = Game.find("super mario land", "game boy")

  # The title of a random review for Super Mario Land
  # long version
  Random.review("super mario land", "game boy").title
  # => "Not Nintendo's (or my) best, but still a decent effort." - 6/10

  Random.one_line_review(game, :detailed => true)
  # => "Super Mario Land [Game Boy]: Not Nintendo's (or my) best, but still a decent effort." - 6/10

  # The title of a random user question for a game
  question = Random.question(game).title

Top 10 Games

Get the most anticipated games for any platform at the moment.

  List.top_games("xbox 360")


You can get score(s) for a game, and also read detailed articles. The reviews range from quick over detailed to full.

  # Get the average score from all reviews
  # Get the average score from only detailed reviews (there are :detailed, :full and :quick)

  # Get all reviews for this game
  reviews = game.reviews
  # Get only quick reviews for this game
  reviews = game.reviews(:quick)
  # Get the first review in the list
  review = reviews.first
  # Score in the format 9/10

  # Get the full text of the review (original html stripped/converted)
  # Other information

Questions (and Answers)

Users can post questions for any game (many different categories, e.g. technical or plot).
Other users then write a solution for that problem. It’s very Forum-like.

  # Get an array with all user questions for a game
  question = game.questions.first
  # Get the number of answers for this question
  # Get the status of the question (e.g. already answered or not)
  # Get an array of all the answers for this question


Hpricot (will be installed automatically by RubyGems as a dependency)


Speed! Because sometimes there have to be multiple webpages parsed at once.

For example to retrieve the names of all games for a platform, at least 26 pages need to be parsed (one for each letter of the alphabet).


If you’re having any problems or exceptions while using this library, I encourage you to add a ticket (the detailed the better) to the issue tracker below:



If you’re interested in this kind of stuff and want to help improve this library, feel free to fork this project and send me pull-requests/patches.