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Solgema.fullcalendar Package Readme


Solgema.fullcalendar is a complete implementation of Adam Shaw Fullcalendar into Plone. More info on Fullcalendar here:

This calendar allows you to display events type objects in a powerfull and fast ajax agenda. You will be also able to add, edit and more generally manage your events throught the Calendar with a strong AJAX framework.

The calendar is a view you can choose on a Topic. The view is named "solgemafullcalendar_view". After that, a new object action permits you to set up the basics parameters for the calendar.

The calendar is strongly linked to the Topic as the events it displays are searched by the Topic and it's criterias.

In addition to the calendar, there is a small query form you can display in the bottom of the calendar to choose which event you want to display. The fields in this query form are taken from the Topic's Criterions.

As a developer, you can add event sources to default one. You just have to define named IEventSource adapters which provides each a list of dictionaries needed by fullcalendar.js API. You can also replace the default event source providing an unnamed IEventSource adapter for your specific context or layer.

Installation Note for Plone 3.x

Use Solgema.fullcalendar 2.0.x

Customizing the skin

You can easyly customize de calendar skin:

Go to and click on the Themes tab. There you can create or choose an existing theme. After that, download it to your computer by selecting only: All UI Core, all UI Interactions and Dialog in UI Widgets. Unzip and copy the css file and all images in you portal_skins/custom folder.

You can also try collective.jqueryuithememanager