Usage Scenarios

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Build packages and provide repo

This is the easiest task: just create a project on Github or some other git server, with the packages, and the .spec and .dsc file, depending which Linux distribution you want to support. Then you need to add that project and package to the section in the LBS config file, see Config-Files#define_users_and_their_projects for more details.

The packages will be made available in a yum or apt-get repository, and you get the installation instructions from the package detail page on your LightBuildServer.

Nightly builds from any source

You need to add a file to your package in git, specifying how to get the source and how to build a tarball.

For example, see

To trigger the build by a cronjob, you can use a command line similar to this:

55 2 * * * wget >> /dev/null 2>&1

Instead of master, you can specify another branch, that should be the source for the tarball.

You will receive an email notification about the success or failure of the nightly build, to the email address specified in your Config-Files#lbs_config_file.

Nightly test runs

This has not been implemented yet!

The idea is to install a software, configure it, and then run automated tests.

An email is sent with the success or failure of the tests.

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