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Scripts to crosscompile GNU icecat for arm-hf systems
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GNU icecat arm hf cross compile scripts


most of the build dependencies are grabbed by the scripts automatically if you're building on debian, but you will have to install wget yourself before running them sudo apt install wget

To build icecat for armhf either run if building on an armhf machine, or if crosscompiling on an x86-64 machine run

When building natively, I found 4GB of RAM to be too little and needed to create a 4GB swap file. Plenty of instructions online can be found to do this.

Warning: This takes over 2 hours on my armhf machine and a bit longer than overnight on my x86-64 with decent processor and 16GB RAM so get some reading material ready.

Then then to bundle icecat up in an "installer", On an armhf machine run a compressed binary will then be available at build/installer

if cross compiling, run and find the compressed binary package in build/installer

This step takes only a couple of minutes

If building natively, if you create a swap make sure to remove it afterwords. It can lead to long term instability, and possibly some short term stability issues.

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