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TLDR: ./ [optional file path]

Installing Chomp Scan is intended to be easy and straightforward. An installer script,, is included, and installation is as simple as running it and adding $HOME/go/bin to your $PATH. This can be done for Bash by running source ~/.profile, as the installer adds this to ~/.profile for you.

You can verify that your path is correct by running echo $PATH and making sure that you see /home/YOUR_USER/go/bin in it.

Tools Directory and Path

Chomp Scan does as check before running to make sure it can run all the tools it needs. By default, all the tools that are pulled from Github are placed in ~/bounty/tools. This directory is created for you by the install script. You can pass the installer script a valid file path in order to change where the Github tools installed to: ./ ~/some/path.


Chomp Scan uses multiple tools written in Go and thus requires a working Go installation. Go is installed via the script to make installation easier. If you already have a working Go install, you can comment out the install_go function in the installer under your distribution.

Supported Distributions

Chomp Scan currently supports:

  • Kali Linux
  • Debian 9
  • Ubuntu 18.04
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