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@steffen-wilke steffen-wilke released this Jun 10, 2020

This change provides rules for SonarQube that have the default ReSharper severity of "DO_NOT_SHOW"

See 137063b for more details.

Overall this makes a total of 89 new rules available in SonarQube.

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@steffen-wilke steffen-wilke released this Jun 9, 2020

Fixed issue described in #7:
ReSharper provides some aggregated CA* rules, separating them with a , in the key (e.g. CSharpWarnings::CS0108,CS0114. SonarQube imports these rules but has problems assigning issues to them and filtering by related rule keys. With this change, this plugin renames these Resharper rules by replacing the , with _.

This affects the following rules:

  • CSharpWarnings::CS0108,CS0114 -> CSharpWarnings::CS0108_CS0114
  • CSharpWarnings::CS0252,CS0253 -> CSharpWarnings::CS0252_CS0253
  • CSharpWarnings::CS0660,CS0661 -> CSharpWarnings::CS0660_CS0661
  • CSharpWarnings::CS1574,CS1584,CS1581,CS1580 -> CSharpWarnings::CS1574_CS1584_CS1581_CS1580
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@steffen-wilke steffen-wilke released this Jun 8, 2020

A lot of rules that have been previously classified as SonarQube BUG are now just a CODE_SMELL instead.

Overall Rule Count by Type

resharper-clt-plugin 1.0.0-rc4 (2018.3.4):

  • Bugs: 476
  • Code Smells: 264
  • Overall: 740

resharper-clt-plugin (2020.1.3):

  • Bugs: 110
  • Code Smells: 752
  • Overall: 862

Notice, that it's now possible to configure RuleOverrides at the level of the InspectCode CategoryId.

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@steffen-wilke steffen-wilke released this Jun 5, 2020

Merge pull request #9 from Soloplan/2020.1.3

Update ReSharper issue definitions to 2020.1.3
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@solobuild solobuild released this Jun 27, 2019


  • Adjust type of CSharpWarnings::CS1573: BUG -> CODE_SMELL
  • Adjust type of CSharpWarnings::CS1591: BUG -> CODE_SMELL
  • Adjust type of CSharpWarnings::CS1587: BUG -> CODE_SMELL
  • Build with OpenJDK8 instead of OracleJDK8
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@solobuild solobuild released this Mar 6, 2019

Update pom.xml
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@solobuild solobuild released this Mar 6, 2019

Tag the current state of the plugin as RC1.
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