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What is this?

This repository contains supplemental files for the related commercial add-on from Solspace, Inc.. This repository does not contain an ExpressionEngine add-on.

After seeing EllisLab release ExpressionEngine language files publicly to customers to translate and submit pull requests, we wanted to do the same for our add-ons. We are making this data available so that end users may fork, adjust, and submit pull requests containing translations or updates.

Using the code in this repo

This repository might contain translations and examples that we did deem necessary to include with our standard add-ons download but wanted to leave available to those who need it.

To add a language file to your add-on from this repo, download the repo as a zip file, unzip it and copy the desired language folder into ./system/expressionengine/third_party/ADDON_NAME/language/.

How to submit translations and updates

Fork this repository, clone it to your computer, then make any adjustments and push it back to your github account. When you are satisfied with your adjustments, submit a pull request to us and we will discuss with you pulling the changes into our official repo.

Pull Request Disclaimer

By submitting pull requests with altered or new code to Solspace, Inc., you are agreeing that Solspace, Inc. will retain all copyright to accepted adjustments via pull requests and therefore has permission to redistribute it.

We realize that this sounds very hard-nosed, but we need a legal disclaimer and protective info to mitigate legal issues for either party involved. We love you guys and want it all to work for the best.

Accuracy Disclaimer

For any accepted translation pull request, we can only trust that the language translation is accurate, since we don't speak all the languages of the world. We apologize for any mistranslated items.

Release Information

The data here-in is copyright © Solspace, Inc., is not open source, and may not be used other than with the accompanying Solspace add-on. You do not have permission to redistribute or sell any of the data in this repository or any adjusted data from a forked version of this repository.

Due to the nature of the translations and them being completed by third parties, we cannot guarantee their accuracy.


We would like to thank our customers and code submitters for their hard work and patronage. Without you we would not be in business. Thank you. ;)