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Solutions Nitriques


Easily embed videos/images from ANY website that implements the oEmbed format

Updated Mar 14, 2016


Secure your Symphony CMS login page against brute force attacks

Updated Mar 6, 2016


Simple Symphony CMS extension that shows a preview of a file upload field if it is an image

Updated Sep 28, 2015


forked from lewiswharf/mailchimp

Supports subscribing a new address, first name, last name to your MailChimp account.

Updated Jul 31, 2015


forked from DeuxHuitHuit/datetime

A date and time field for Symphony CMS allowing multiple dates and date ranges

Updated Jun 26, 2015


Symphony cms extension that permits the user to save and return to the list of a section

Updated Feb 9, 2015

JavaScript 12 2


A simple plugin for the jPlayer that controls fading the sound

Updated Nov 10, 2014


forked from DeuxHuitHuit/page_lhandles

Localised Page Handles for Symphony >= 2.2

Updated Sep 10, 2014


forked from knupska/static_section

Static Sections simplify the process of editing field collections that should only exist once in Symphony.

Updated Nov 12, 2013

JavaScript 17 3


Collection of function that performs specific sizing such as making the same size or resizing according to a certain ratio

Updated Sep 25, 2013


Easily duplicate/clone your section parameters and fields

Updated Apr 9, 2013

JavaScript 2 1


jQuery plugin that implement the placeholder mechanism for browser that do not support the placeholder attribute on input tags

Updated Jan 22, 2013

JavaScript 11 4


Our remix of the easySlider jQuery plugin built by Alen Grakalic

Updated Nov 26, 2012

Visual Basic 1 0


A simple windows services that checks if configured URL returns a HTTP status 200 code. If not, I will try again and send you an email if the site is down and another when it comes back online

Updated Oct 22, 2012


Really simple ext that force user to a specified domain name

Updated Apr 18, 2012


forked from symphonists/breadcrumb

Data Source that will provide a focused page breadcrumb from the current page

Updated Feb 22, 2012


forked from symphonists/content_type_mappings

Allows more control over the Symphony frontend page content type mappings.

Updated Nov 18, 2011


forked from symphonists/publish_tabs

Add tab groups to entry forms

Updated Oct 5, 2011


forked from eKoeS/edui

Events, Data Sources, Utilities Indexes

Updated Jul 19, 2011

JavaScript 2 0


jQuery plugin for a fancy fade In/Out hover effects on any element

Updated Jul 7, 2011

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