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  1. Algorithm and data-structure library for .NET 4.5.2+/Netstandard 2.0+. Algorithmia contains sophisticated algorithms and data-structures like graphs, priority queues, command, undo-redo and more.

    C# 481 98

  2. HnD Public

    HnD is a Customer Support system, integrating helpdesk features and forums, and was built as an example of what you can do with LLBLGen Pro.

    C# 40 11

  3. BCLExtensions is an extension method library for .NET 3.5 or higher which offers various extension methods for classes in the .NET Base Class Library (BCL)

    C# 14 8

  4. The Official LLBLGen Pro LINQPad driver.

    C# 10 4

  5. Repository with examples for LLBLGen Pro v5.x

    C# 8 7

  6. Repository with examples for LLBLGen Pro v4.x

    C# 7 5


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