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Spark with pyspark

spark-submit with pyspark simple template

A simple usage example of pyspark with spark-submit, including:

  • passing arguments
  • creating spark context and sql context
  • loading your project source code (src directory )
  • loading pip modules (with simple requirements file)

preparing libraries (source and pip modules)

from terminal, run:
pip install -r ./requirements.txt -t ./pip_modules && jar -cvf pip_modules.jar -C ./pip_modules . jar -cvf src.jar -C ./src .

running spark-submit

from terminal, run:
spark-submit --some_arg=some_value --pip_modules=pip_modules.jar --src=src.jar

running pyspark interactive shell with pip modules and source code

  • run: pyspark
  • from within pyspark interactive shell, run the following: