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Pulumi for Tweek on AWS


  • AWS account
  • aws CLI tool installed
  • aws-iam-authenticator tool installed

Configuration Parameters

Parameter name Description
aws:region The AWS region to use (e.g.: us-east-1)
valuesYaml Your values.yaml file which overrides the default helm values
nodeType Requested node type
desiredCapacity Requested number of nodes in the cluster
minSize Minimum number of nodes in the cluster
maxSize Maximum number of nodes in the cluster

Creating Tweek EKS cluster

To create Tweek cluster in EKS run the following commands

pulumi stack init YOUR_STACK_NAME
pulumi config set aws:region us-east-1
pulumi config set valuesYaml /path/to/values.yaml
pulumi up

Instead of YOUR_STACK_NAME write the name you'd like to give to your stack. The commands in the form of pulumi config set are used to set the configuration parameters, described in the configuration parameters section.

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