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Author:: Eddie Siegel Info:: Documentation::


SolveMedia can be installed as a gem by adding the following line to your environment.rb file:

config.gem "solvemedia"

And then running the following to install the gem:

sudo rake gems:install

Alternatively you can install SolveMedia as a plugin

script/plugin install git://

API Keys

Your Solve Media API keys should be stored in config/solvemedia_config.yml, which can be generated by running

script/generate solvemedia_config

Don't forget to edit the generated file to contain your API keys.

Adding A Solve Media Puzzle To A View

Displaying a Solve Media Puzzle is as simple as calling solvemedia_puzzle inside a form within your view. For example:

<% form_for(@user) do |f| %>
  # ...
    <%= solvemedia_puzzle %>
  # ...
<% end %>

The appearance of the puzzle can be adjusted by passing options to solvemedia_puzzle. For a full list of options, see the documentation.

Verifying The Input To A Solve Media Puzzle In A Controller

The verify_solvemedia_puzzle method verifies the user's input and returns true if the user provided the correct input. In the simplest case, verification could be performed as follows:

respond_to do |format|
  if verify_solvemedia_puzzle &&
    # ...
    # ...

verify_solvemedia_puzzle can also be used to add an error to a model object if the verification fails:

respond_to do |format|
  if verify_solvemedia_puzzle(:model => @user, :error_message => 'Solve Media puzzle input is invalid') &&
    # ...
    # ...

See the documentation for a full list of options accepted by verify_solvemedia_puzzle.