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The cFailoverCluster module contains resources for Windows Failover Clustering.



  • Name: KEY - Name of the Windows Failover Cluster
  • StaticIPAddress: Required - Cluster IP Address
  • DomainAdministratorCredential: Required - Credentials used to create the ClusterObject and form the Cluster


  • Name: KEY - Name of the Windows Failover Cluster
  • RetryIntervalSec: Time (in seconds) to tests if the cluster is available
  • RetryCount: Maximum number of retries to check if the cluster is available


  • ClusterGroup: KEY - Name of the Cluster Group
  • ClusterName: Required - Name of the Windows Failover Cluster
  • Nodes: Required - Clusternodes affected (that should be, or not be owners)
  • ClusterResources: Cluster Resources affected
  • Ensure: Values (Present, Absent)


  • Minor fixes applied to cClusterPreferredOwner and Example added

  • Add cClusterPreferredOwner resource.

  • Cloned repository from xFailoverCluster and applied customised properties