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grammar GatedNoHoisting;
options {
// antlr will generate java lexer and parser
language = Java;
// generated parser should create abstract syntax tree
output = AST;
// parser will extend special super class
superClass = SuperParser;
@parser::header {
package org.meri.antlr.predicates;
@parser::members {
@lexer::header {
package org.meri.antlr.predicates;
LETTER: 'a'..'z' | 'A'..'Z';
NUMBER: '0'..'9';
//gated predicate in the middle of a rule
word: LETTER {1+2==3}?=> LETTER;
differentWord: LETTER {1+2!=3}?=> NUMBER;
start: word | differentWord;
//gated predicate in the middle of an alternative
alternatives: LETTER (
LETTER {2+3==5}?=> LETTER
| LETTER {2+3==5}?=> NUMBER
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