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grammar UseCasesWhen;
options {
// antlr will generate java lexer and parser
language = Java;
// generated parser should create abstract syntax tree
output = AST;
// parser will extend special super class
superClass = SuperParser;
@parser::header {
package org.meri.antlr.predicates;
@parser::members {
//checks whether its parameter is "when"
public boolean isWhen(Token token) {
return token.getText().toLowerCase().equals("when");
@lexer::header {
package org.meri.antlr.predicates;
LBRACE : '{' ;
RBRACE : '}' ;
LPAREN: '(';
RPAREN: ')';
COMMA: ',';
IDENT : ('a'..'z' | 'A'..'Z')+;
name: IDENT;
arguments: IDENT (COMMA IDENT)*;
body: LBRACE /* whatever can be inside the body goes here */ RBRACE;
guard: IDENT /* place conditions syntax here */;
//mixin and its optional guards
mixin: name LPAREN arguments? RPAREN guards? body;
//guards are entered only if the next token is the word "when"
guards: {isWhen(input.LT(1))}?=> IDENT guard (COMMA guard)*;
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