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VP9 Intra Encoding using H-FCN


Python 3 and NumPy
Keras with Tensorflow backend
Tensorflow C API

The code provided in this project has been tested with Tensorflow version 1.12 on Ubuntu 16.04. The GPU version has been used for training and the CPU version for encoding.

Install Tensorflow C API

Install the Tensorflow C API. The CPU version has been used for integration with the VP9 encoder. For best performance, compile the library from source enabling all the CPU extensions (AVX, AVX2, SSE 4.2, FMA etc.) supported by your processor. Additionally, if you are using an Intel processor, build with support for Intel's MKL-DNN by setting the build config as --config=mkl to get a further boost in performance.

Build libvpx library

libvpx v1.6.0 has been used in this project.

git clone
cd H-FCN
mkdir libvpx-build
cd libvpx-build
../libvpx/configure --enable-debug --enable-debug-libs

In the Makefile created by the last step, find each occurrence of the line (qexec)$$(LD) $$(strip $$(INTERNAL_LDFLAGS) $$(LDFLAGS) -o $$@ $(2) $(3) $$(extralibs)) and add -ltensorflow to its end (there should be two occurrences at lines 257 and 263 of the Makefile when build with the above configuration). Then run:

cd ..

Generate some data

To get started, collect some VP9 encoded videos and the corresponding sources, and generate some data for training and validation. A few example videos can be found here.

mkdir Dummy_data/
mkdir Dummy_data/Stat_files/
mkdir Dummy_data/Training/
mkdir Dummy_data/Validation/

Record superblock partition data using VP9 decoder (vpxdec):
./libvpx-build/vpxdec Example_Videos/Encodes/park_joy.ivf --codec=vp9 --blockstats=Dummy_data/Stat_files/park_joy_partitions.txt -o /dev/null
./libvpx-build/vpxdec Example_Videos/Encodes/mob_cal.ivf --codec=vp9 --blockstats=Dummy_data/Stat_files/mob_cal_partitions.txt -o /dev/null

Generate training and validation data using the partition data collected in previous step:
python3 Python_scripts/ --ffmpeg_path /usr/bin/ffmpeg --ffprobe_path /usr/bin/ffprobe --source_path Example_Videos/Sources/park_joy_420_720p50.y4m --encode_path Example_Videos/Encodes/park_joy.ivf --stats_path Dummy_data/Stat_files/park_joy_partitions.txt --output_path Dummy_data/Training/ --key park_joy

python3 Python_scripts/ --ffmpeg_path /usr/bin/ffmpeg --ffprobe_path /usr/bin/ffprobe --source_path Example_Videos/Sources/720p50_mobcal_ter.y4m --encode_path Example_Videos/Encodes/mob_cal.ivf --stats_path Dummy_data/Stat_files/mob_cal_partitions.txt --output_path Dummy_data/Validation/ --key mob_cal

*note - the data generated above is just intended to set up a working example of training the model and is by no means sufficient to train the model.

Train H-FCN model

Train model:
mkdir Python_scripts/logs_fcn
python3 Python_scripts/ --train_path Dummy_data/Training/ --val_path Dummy_data/Validation/ --hist_path Python_scripts/logs_fcn/ --model_path Python_scripts/trained_model/

Plot loss and accuracy:
tensorboard --logdir Python_scripts/logs_fcn/

Convert trained Keras model to Tensorflow

python3 Python_scripts/ --model Python_scripts/trained_model/hfcn.hdf5 --numout 4 --outdir Python_scripts/trained_model/ --name hfcn.pb

Use trained Tensorflow H-FCN model to encode videos in intra mode

mkdir H-FCN_encodes
cd libvpx-build
time ./vpxenc --threads=1 --passes=1 --cpu-used=1 --good --end-usage=q --cq-level=30 --auto-alt-ref=0 --kf-min-dist=1 --kf-max-dist=1 --tile-rows=0 --tile-columns=0 --codec=vp9 -o ../H-FCN_encodes/mobcal_HFCN_encoded.ivf ../Example_Videos/Sources/720p50_mobcal_ter.y4m

By default, the encoder uses our pretrained Tensorflow model trained on 11 990 384 samples (available as Python_scripts/trained_model/hfcn_trained.pb). In order to use a different trained model, run the following commands from libvpx-build:
sed -i 's#../Python_scripts/trained_model/hfcn_trained.pb#../Python_scripts/trained_model/hfcn.pb#' ../libvpx/vp9/encoder/vp9_encodeframe.c

The new trained model is assumed to be in location /Python_scripts/trained_model/hfcn.pb. Change the path as required.


If this code is used for research, please cite Speeding up VP9 Intra Encoder with Hierarchical Deep Learning Based Partition Prediction.


Different parts of the source code are distributed under different open source licenses and the individual source files should be checked for details.