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Set of self sufficient tools for general purpose computation.
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Headless Logic Library


Besides the authors' fun, the purpose of this library/repository is to propose lightweight, dependence-free implementation of some computational concept. All of them should(will) eventually(certainly) come with appropriate in-code documentation as well as some fancy markdowny/wiki-hosted extended documentation with examples.

Well, it could sound as if we're reinventing the wheel and ... yeah, that's the case. But our goal here is to learn and have fun as well as creating effective library.

What has been done for now ?

  • Search Trees.
  • Trivial (veeeery trivial) Genetic Algorithm engine.

What is planned ?

  • More GAs engines
  • Neural Network patterns
  • Graph Computation
  • More and more examples (ultimately, implementing academic papers)

Some technical precisions

All of this is planned to be implemented in C++11. At mid/long term, this will be transposed in other languages like Java, Rust or Python (why not ?).


Feel free to participate and propose stuff via pull request or issuing or chatting via gitter. All the ideas are welcomed. But remember:

  • Lightweight
  • No Dependency
  • Well-documented
  • Rely heavily on meta-coding (problems are to be solved at compile-time, not runtime)
  • Provide examples.

As for examples, using other libraries is encouraged as it could illustrate greatly the underlying concept.

As a final notice, please provide basic testing result for examples using the following:

  • valgrind
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