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Cryptocoin Instawallet (inc. Litecoin and Bitcoin support)

This PHP web application is designed to allow users to instantly obtain a wallet for any cryptocurreny (Litecoin, Bitcoin, etc) without having to sign up for an account or download a client or large blockchain. It also provides users the ability to password their wallets for added security against key leakage.

People running these wallets should be aware of the security risks involved, as it depends on the security of the cryptocoin daemon running on the server. There is NO COLD WALLET facility, although you may be able to move coins off of a daemon using sendto within the daemon's RPC without affecting other accounts.

It is currently used at the newly released LTC.PE Litecoin Instawallet.


IMPORTANT: This is released under the GNU Affero GPL License v3 (please read LICENSE which is included in this git repository). This means that you MUST release any modifications you make if any other user can access it. Included in the footer, by default, is a link to my GitHub page. All modifications should be submitted as a pull request, where possible.

How to use

To use this, you must first have a cryptocoin daemon set up on your server. I have written a guide to installing litecoind on linux here:,43.0.html.

Once you have set up Litecoin or Bitcoin on your server, with the appropriate configuration, you must now enter the username, password, host, and port into core/config.php like this:

$btclogin = array(
  "username" => "litecoinrpc",
  "password" => "Sup@rStr0ngP4$$W4RD",
  "host" =>     "localhost",
  "port" =>     "9332"

Next you will need to import structure.sql into your MySQL database (NOTE: This uses PDO so you should be able to swap out MySQL for Postgres, or even SQLite with just one line of code changed) - please don't use the root login for obvious reasons, instead make an isolated user with access to only the wallet database.

Afterwards, you can enter the MySQL details in config.php:

$sqlogin = array(
  "host" =>     "localhost",
  "dbname" =>   "ltcwallet",
  "username" => "ltcwallet",
  "password" => "S0meN0tSim1l4rP%$$w0RDz"

You can get a ReCaptcha key-pair from here and enter it into the config file under $publickey and $privatekey.

Enter your IP under $adminips for access to server.php for an overview of the system.

Visiting your website, after completing the above steps, should present you with a fully functional interface.


If you're using my code for any public wallet service, I would be grateful if you could donate to me. I've put in a lot of hard work into this code, so if it's useful to you, please send some coins over, there's no donation too small.

  • BTC: 1SoMGuYknDgyYypJPVVKE2teHBN4HDAh3
  • LTC: LSomguyTSwcw3hZKFts4P453sPfn4Y5Jzv

Thank you.


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