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Someguy123's Atom Build Site

This is the repository for Someguy123's Atom Builds Site

The site was made in Middleman which is a Ruby static site generator. Please install it if you want to modify this site.

Screenshot of the Website

Builds are stored in the builds.json file, I generally use a small build script which outputs the JSON to go into this file. Once new builds are added, you need to run middleman build to create the static html, or middleman by itself just to do general testing of your code.


Please read the LICENSE file for the full MIT License.

My Atom website is licensed under the MIT license, similar to Atom itself. This means you can use this however you like, as long as you leave my original ownership somewhere in the files for people to see.

Middleman is under the MIT license, and may also be subjected to its own licensing restrictions. Please check those before using my code.

Lightbox2 is also included to help with screenshots. It is by Lokesh Dhakar, and is under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license. Lightbox2 Github.


If you enjoy my builds, or use my source, please donate to the following bitcoin address, no amount is too small.

Bitcoin: 1J3B57wfpihjd6B723in5z2rzxnCtpqweT