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Configurable JQuery Image Slider portlet for Liferay
Java CSS
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Liferay Image Slider plugin v1.2

# Overview

A JQuery Image Slider plugin for Liferay built by Rotterdam Community Solutions and extended by [j]karef GmbH to enable endusers to dynamically configure image sliders throughout their portal using Liferay´s Document Library images. You can find a working war file here:

# Requirements

Liferay 6.1.1 or higher (any other version is untested)

# Upgrading from all version of the original RCS Liferay Image Slider plugin

Please deinstall the portlet completely before installing version 1.2, as the name and artifact id have been changed in this version.

# Running it

As far as I have tested it the plugin is stable and ready to use. But I am not responsible for any crashes, data lose, etc.
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