Basic bash scripts for Linux/Mac/Android to ease various processes.
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This is a set of basic bash scripts for Linux/Mac/Android to ease various processes.
So far, only one script I'm working on is available, as detailed below. There will eventually be more! I am aware that other such scripts do exist, and many of them are probably better. My work isn't based on any pre-existing work, besides bash and adb documentation. I'm doing this in part to learn Git and improve my bash skills, but also for personal ease of use.
I am new to the active use of GitHub, and will most likely not take full advantage of all the available features. If you would like to collaborate on this project, or have any input, please let me know at
I am NOT responsible for anything my scripts to do your devices, including data loss, soft bricks, extraneous directories, file issues, failure of any of your systems, etc.

Auto-Flash is a script to back up, wipe, and install a new setup on an Android device via local adb and TWRP's adb shell interface commands. Keep in mind this script still in alpha, and may not work as intended. THIS SCRIPT WILL WIPE YOUR DEVICE!

Other Planned Scripts:
Bootloader Unlock Script (Limited to Nexus Devices)
Configurable Device Update Scripts (Update mods, dirty flash ROMs, etc.)
Downloader Scripts (To work with all the other scripts!)