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The open source SonarQube code analyzer tool for your Android device. It allows you to view server, project and analysis information.


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Issue tracker

See the JIRA tracker for this project.

Building in Eclipse

In order for this project to build in Eclipse certain resources from the AppCompat support library are required to be present in your Eclipse workspace.

Check Adding libraries with resources for information on how to import the android-support-v7-appcompat project into your Eclipse workspace and add the necessary library reference.



2015 December:

  • Server management will be on a new viewpager component
  • SearchBy feature: projects, users, plugins
  • Project details: measures (charted), issues, action plans
  • Favorites (projects, etc...)
  • Notifications (new SonarQube instance is out...)
  • Compuware Mobil ADK integration


  • 0.1.0 Initial Release
  • Listing projects, users and plugins per server
  • Server management: add, delete
  • Adding public servers from a list
  • Sharing, rating and donation functions
  • Supported languages: English, Hungarian
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