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SonarQube CSS Plugin

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Plugin versions and compatibility with SonarQube versions:


This plugin enables code QA analysis of CSS files within SonarQube:


  1. Download and install SonarQube
  2. Install the CSS plugin either by a direct download or through the update center.
  3. Install your favorite analyzer (SonarQube Scanner, Maven, Ant, etc.) and analyze your code.

Available Checks


  • "!important" annotation should be placed at the end of the declaration
  • "!important" annotation should not be used
  • "@font-face" rule should be made compatible with the required browsers
  • "@import" rule should not be used
  • "FIXME" tags should be handled
  • "NOSONAR" tags should not be used to switch off issues
  • "TODO" tags should be handled
  • @charset should be the first element in the style sheet and not be preceded by any character
  • @import rules should precede all other at-rules and style rules
  • Box model size should be carefully reviewed
  • Branches should have sufficient coverage by unit tests
  • Byte Order Mark (BOM) should not be used for UTF-8 files
  • Deprecated Internet Explorer static filters should be removed
  • Deprecated system colors should not be used
  • Duplicated background images should be removed
  • Duplicated properties should be removed
  • Each declaration should end with a semicolon
  • Empty declarations should be removed
  • Empty rules should be removed
  • Experimental @-rules should not be used
  • Experimental functions should not be used
  • Experimental properties should not be used
  • Font files inlining should not be used
  • Gradient definitions should be set for all vendors
  • IDs in selectors should be removed
  • Leading zeros should be removed
  • Lines should not be too long
  • Lines should not end with trailing whitespaces
  • Missing vendor prefixes should be added to experimental properties
  • Name of overqualified element should be removed
  • Obsolete functions should not be used
  • Obsolete properties should not be used
  • Over-specified selectors should be simplified
  • Properties that do not work with the "display" property should be removed
  • Properties, functions and variables should be lower case
  • Property values should be valid
  • Regular expression like selectors should not be used
  • Rule properties should be alphabetically ordered
  • Selectors should follow a naming convention
  • Shorthand properties should be used whenever possible
  • Shorthand properties should not be used
  • Source code should comply with formatting standards
  • Standard properties should be specified along with vendor-prefixed properties
  • Star hack should not be used
  • Stylesheets should not "@import" too many other sheets
  • Stylesheets should not contain too many rules
  • Stylesheets should not contain too many selectors
  • Tabulation characters should not be used
  • The number of web fonts should be reduced
  • There should be one single declaration per line
  • Underscore hack should not be used
  • Units for zero length values should be removed
  • Universal selector should not be used as key part
  • Unknown @-rules should be removed
  • Unknown functions should be removed
  • Unknown properties should be removed


Regular expression on comment Regular expression on property



Number of rules.


The following elements increment the complexity by one:

  • Class selector
  • ID selector
  • Attribute selector
  • Type selector
  • Pseudo-class selector
  • At-rule


It computes the complexity/rule, meaning the average number of selectors per rule.

It gives a measurement on how specific the selectors are.