OpenID Plugin for SonarQube
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Sonar OpenID Plugin

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Description / Features

This plugin enables user authentication and Single Sign-On via an OpenID provider:

  • Support OpenID Authentication 2.0
  • Support Google accounts
  • On the fly creation of users in SonarQube


  1. Install the plugin through the Update Center or download it into the SONARQUBE_HOME/extensions/plugins directory
  2. Restart the SonarQube server


The following properties must be added to SONARQUBE_HOME/conf/

# This property must be set to true
# Enable OpenID plugin
# URL of OpenID provider
# URL of logout page
# URL of SonarQube server
# Optional properties:
# If set to 'true', at each login, user's attributes (name, email, etc.)
# are re-synchronized. If set to 'false', user's attributes are not
# re-synchronized except when creating the user for the first time

Technical Users

Since SonarQube 4.2, technical users can be set. Technical users are authenticated against SonarQube's own database of users, rather than against any external tool (LDAP, Active Directory, Crowd, etc.).

Similarly, all accounts not flagged as local will be authenticated only against the external tool. By default admin is a technical account. Technical accounts are configured in SONARQUBE_HOME/conf/ in the (default value = admin) property as a comma-separated list.


Note that the library openid4java generates many INFO logs. For versions prior to SonarQube 4.1, edit the file conf/logback.xml and add the following loggers to log only warnings and errors:

<logger name="org.openid4java">
  <level value="WARN"/>