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SonarQube Custom Plugin Example Build Status

An example SonarQube plugin compatible with SonarQube 9.x.




To build the plugin JAR file, call:

mvn clean package

The JAR will be deployed to target/sonar-example-plugin-VERSION.jar. Copy this to your SonarQube's extensions/plugins/ directory, and re-start SonarQube.


This plugin registers 4 extension pages in the SonarQube web app. They demonstrate how you can extend SonarQube's UI with new pages and interfaces.



  • npm install to install your dependencies.
  • npm start to start a proxy server on port 3000 to debug your JS code.
    Note: This plugin must first be deployed and installed on your SonarQube instance, otherwise the extension paths will not be registered. See above under Back-end > Building
    This will proxy to a running SonarQube instance, but allow you to use your own local JavaScript instead of what was bundled with your plugin. Once started, you can access http://localhost:3000 in your browser, and use SonarQube as you normally would.
    You can use a different port by using the PORT environment variable. Example:
    PORT=6060 npm start
    You can control to which SonarQube instance you proxy to by setting the PROXY_URL environment variable to any valid URL (defaults to http://localhost:9000). Example:
    PROXY_URL= npm start
  • npm test to start watching your files for changes, and run tests accordingly.
  • npm run build to build your front-end code.
    Usually, you will not need to call this; instead, this should be part of your package building process.
    See Back-end > Building above.


This example plugin uses Webpack for building the final JavaScript. Whatever build system you choose to use, the final result MUST adhere to the following rules:

  • 1 entry file per extension page.
  • The name of each entry file must correspond to the page_id of the registered page (see src/main/java/org/sonarsource/plugins/example/web/ and compare with the entry points in conf/webpack/webpack.config.js).
  • Each entry file must be located in the resulting JAR's static/ folder.

The building process should be included in your full packaging process. In this example plugin, mvn package will call npm run build prior to finalizing the JAR package.


This project uses Jest for testing. Running npm test will run Jest in --watch mode. You can find the configuration for Jest in package.json.

How to use these files

It is recommended you check out the sources in src/main/js/ directly. The code is well commented, and provides real-world examples on how to interact with SonarQube.

The pages are registered in src/main/java/org/sonarsource/plugins/example/web/, and their respective front-end source code is located in src/main/js/. These examples use different stacks to demonstrate different possibilities:

  • React JS examples (recommended, SonarQube uses React 16):
    • src/main/js/portfolio_page/
    • src/main/js/admin_page/
  • Backbone JS example: src/main/js/project_page/
  • Vanilla JS example: src/main/js/global_page/

Helper APIs exposed by SonarQube

There are several helper APIs exposed by SonarQube, like functions to make authenticated API requests.

You can find the full list of exposed helpers here.

The included pages contain several examples:

  • API calls (window.SonarRequest)
    Check src/main/js/common/api.js for some examples.

  • Localization (window.t() and
    Localizable UI strings are defined in src/main/resources/org/sonar/l10n/example/. They are loaded at startup time, and can used by the global t() and tp() functions. See src/main/js/admin_page/components/InstanceStatisticsApp.js and src/main/js/portfolio_page/components/VersionsMeasuresHistoryApp.js for some examples.

Deprecation notice

Starting with SonarQube 8.7, the following APIs are deprecated and won't be maintained anymore. They'll be dropped after the next SonarQube LTS version.

  • Measure helpers (window.SonarMeasures)
  • React Components (window.SonarComponents)