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abap Sonar => SonarQube
android/android-sonarqube-runner Remove Android Emma project
c/c-sonar-runner CPP: remove old examples
cobol Updated Cobol project configuration to be able to log issues on copyb…
cpp Fix typo
csharp Tabs to spaces
css/css-sonar-runner sonar.css unminified - it requires CSS Plugin 1.1
erlang Sonar => SonarQube
flex Update validation.txt
generic-coverage/sonar-runner generic-coverage: Add usage example
groovy Groovy example project for JaCoCo
java Java Coverage: Update example with IT and UT on maven multimodule pro…
javascript add examples for JSTestDriver integration
multi-language Add missing Java plugin
objc/objc-sonar-runner Objective-C: example of code raising issues
php Update version of the PHP plugin
pli Sonar => SonarQube
plsql PL/SQL: Simplify
python/python-sonar-runner Fix python version to 1.3 (compatible version with SQ 3.7)
rpg Add RPG project sample
swift/swift-sonar-runner SWIFT Remove validation.txt
vb6 Sonar => SonarQube
vbnet/vbnet-sonar-runner Add code that triggers an issue with the default quality profile
web/web-sonar-runner Update validation.txt
xml Update XML plugin to 1.1
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