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Connected Mode

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You can connect SonarLint to SonarQube >= 7.9 or SonarCloud to aim at having consistent issues reported on both sides.

Features when connected mode is used:

  • use the same analyzers than the server, assuming they are supported in SonarLint (except for JS/TS and HTML analyzers where SonarLint keep using its embedded version)
  • use the same quality profile (same rules activation, parameters, severity, ...)
  • reuse some settings defined on the server (rule exclusions, analyzer parameters, ...)
  • automatically suppress issues that are marked as Won’t Fix or False Positive on the server

Note: connected mode does not push issues to the server. Rather, its purpose is to configure the IDE so that it uses the same settings as the server.

Configure a connection

A connection is the set of informations needed to communicate with the SonarQube server or SonarCloud (URL, credentials, ...).

Configure a connection to a SonarQube server

  1. Open the connection wizard, for example using menu File -> New-> Other... and then SonarQube/SonarCloud Connection: New Connection

  2. Select SonarQube and click on the Next button:

Select SonarQube

  1. Enter your SonarQube server URL:


  1. Choose the authentication method:
  • Token: generate a user token on SonarQube, to be used by SonarLint as authentication method. This is the preferred way to avoid the risk to compromise your username/password.
  • Username + Password: use directly your SonarQube credentials (not recommended)

Choose auth

  1. Enter your token or username/password

  2. Give your connection a name

Configure a connection to SonarCloud

  1. Generate a token on SonarCloud, to be used by SonarLint as authentication method.

View configured connections

Configured connections can be retrieved from the Bindings view (Window > Show View > Other... > SonarLint > SonarLint Bindings).

This should open a view at the bottom, listing all connections:

Bindings View

A right-click on a connection will open a contextual menu to remove or edit the connection. It can be useful for example to update the credentials if they have changed.

Configure project(s) binding


Why I have some issues reported on SonarQube/SonarCloud but not in SonarLint?

TODO: copy from the FAQ

SSL/proxy issues