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External Cocos Helper Android Frameworks
External Cocos Helper iOS Frameworks
LICENSE Update Oct 15, 2016

Official Cocos Helper website

Cocos Helper v1.50.00

Cocos Helper is designed to help simplify the process of implementing external frameworks and non existent features into Cocos2d-x C++ and JavaScript. We understand that it is a laborious and painful task to integrate external frameworks into your projects over and over again. So we have solved this with the Helper.

External Frameworks Supported

  • Google Play Services (Android)
  • Facebook (iOS and Android)
  • Twitter (iOS and Android)
  • AdMob (iOS and Android)
  • iAds (iOS)
  • RevMob (iOS and Android)
  • Chartboost (iOS and Android)
  • Game Center (iOS)
  • Google Analytics (iOS and Android)
  • MoPub (iOS and Android)
  • Vungle (iOS and Android)
  • AdColony (iOS and Android)
  • UI
    • Audio, Sound Effects, Music toggle buttons
  • WeChat (iOS)
  • Local notifications (iOS)
  • Amazon Game Circles (Android)
  • Amazon Ads (Android)
  • Flurry Analytics (Android)

Future Plans

  • UI (in development)
  • Flurry (testing)
  • Push Notifications
  • Local notifications (Android)
  • Native Alerts
  • In-App Purchases
  • GameAnalytics
  • Everyplay
  • Kiip
  • TapJoy
  • InMobi
  • Leadbolt
  • Airpush
  • WeChat (Android)
  • Game Controller
  • Android
    • Immersive Mode
  • Check if device has a internet connection
  • SQLite
  • Google Play Services (iOS)
  • Google Play Services Multiplayer
  • Tune
  • Rating
  • suggestions are very welcome

Potential UI Plugin Features

  • Plugin buttons
  • Virtual onscreen Joystick
  • Pause popup
  • Rate popup
  • suggestions are very welcome


  • Cocos2d-x C++ JavaScript any version
  • Mac and Xcode for iOS development
  • Eclipse for Android development (Windows, Mac or Linux)

Not only are we simplifying the implementation of external frameworks but we have provided videos to guide you through the process:

Usage - Cocos2d-x C++

Usage - Cocos2d-x JavaScript

Google play services problems

As far as I know Google has released the new Google Play Services revision 30. It removes the Google play services lib folder, I recomend that you use revision 29.