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Preferred words (more release restriction awesomeness) #385

SonarrBot opened this Issue Nov 19, 2014 · 17 comments


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SonarrBot commented Nov 19, 2014

We already have required/ignored, now we should add preferred, which will be handled the same way, but we'll need a service to increase the value of a release over another when it contains a preferred term.

We should also have disapprove, disliked, unfavoured or disfavoured to signify we don't want something as much as another release.


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SonarrBot commented Dec 15, 2014

Comment from smenus on Trello:

I'm currently looking through the other cards, but this seems like it would help with an issue I'm having.

QI is aired in both normal (20 minute) and XL (40 minute) versions, with the XL version now being tagged/named as 'uncut'. As uncut isn't the same as proper, it isn't currently downloaded (as it is aired a day later).

Would this help in the instance; would a release of the same quality but with a preferred word replace a downloaded episode?


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SonarrBot commented Dec 15, 2014

Comment from markus101 on Trello:

Not planning on replacing files of the same quality, but you could use a delay to achieve it.


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SonarrBot commented Dec 28, 2014

Comment from zoggy on Trello:

QL / XL / Uncut are the same show not different shows. which is why tvdb removed them.. could implement require/prefer/ignore 'tags' for each show (similar to whats in sb/couchpotato).

also another example to add for why prefer words should be in there.. is because for example in topgear there are VFR (variable frame rate) releases that come out after the fact.. for a lot of people these are highly preferred over the stock scene (constant frame rate) releases as top gear uses different frame rates in the studio than when airing recorded clips.


more info about VFR:

Studio sections + celebrity/Stig laps are shot at 50fps, while the films are shot at 25fps.

This VFR encodepresents each section at the correct framerate, so no bits are wasted,

and no unique frames are thrown out (like in the scene encode).


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SonarrBot commented Jan 7, 2015

Comment from youssif1 on Trello:

mainly would use it to get 7.1 and 5.1 files


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SonarrBot commented Jan 9, 2015

Comment from dephcon on Trello:

This would also be great for private indexers that do reposts with encrypted names to prevent takedowns. One of my indexers has reposts with the exact same name with "-RP" added to the end.

Being able to prefer these items would greatly save time and block-account data from having the original one download, fail, then retry the repost.


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vvhof commented May 23, 2015

How about also introducing the notion of negation ! for use with restrictions on tags. Let's look a bit at set theory here.
Currently, we can say that a rule should apply to All entities in the set 'A', or to ones with a specific Tag only, i.e. belonging to the subset of 'A' named 'T'. I cannot express however that the rule should apply to the set of A - T, formally A \ T.


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SAKUJ0 commented Jun 12, 2015

Not planning on replacing files of the same quality, but you could use a delay to achieve it.

Where can I send glorious dog pictures, to change your minds about this? 😉


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goosekrk commented Nov 25, 2015

Having "preferred" words would be really very nice for shows like @MiDNight and Daily Show, which sometimes have releases that are extended or uncensored. When they're available, they're so much better.


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BzowK commented Dec 14, 2015

With more HEVC / H265 releases available now, I'd LOVE to have this ability soon! Already added it in CouchPotato and its the only feature I check for in each new build of Sonarr. Keep up the great work - Thanks!


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Noktam commented Jan 21, 2016

It could be really nice to be able to put score to words (including negative score), and set a threshold where the file is automaticly replaced by a new one if there is a score difference. (like the proper).

For exemple, i'm french, i want to download the scene US version first.
After 12/24h, there is usually a file with VOSTFR in the filename, i want to download it to replace the first file. (because auto-downloaded subtitles don't always match, so i prefer a "vostfr" release).
This first file usually have "FASTSUB" in the name, that's a quick and dirty sub, few hours later i could find a better quality sub that i would gladly use to replace the actual file.


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SteveMHD commented Jan 25, 2016

This would be extremely useful to me - x265 all the way!


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schumi2004 commented Jan 28, 2016

Also would like to see this feature added. I prefer certain release groups above others so if multiple release are available I would like to see it grabbing the prefered one first.


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spuniun commented Jan 28, 2016

I would love for this to get implemented


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Davmaster commented Jan 29, 2016

This would be a great feature. It could also be used to set a preference for fansub groups for anime.


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Project-- commented Jan 30, 2016

+1 for preferred words. As mentioned above, there are some releases that get re-uploaded with obscured file names. Many sites use the same distinguishing word to differentiate them. This would allow us to pull that release over any others.

@Sonarr Sonarr locked and limited conversation to collaborators Jan 30, 2016

@markus101 markus101 added this to the v3.x milestone May 3, 2017


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markus101 commented May 3, 2017

Adding my notes from the forums.

The idea we're currently envisioning is a list of words and the ability to provide a score for those words, so you could give DTS a score of 10 and 5.1 a score of 5 if and any preferred words are added together. Quality would still trump preferred words, but preferred words would allow upgrading within the quality (similar to how propers upgrade within the same quality).

Grouping of qualities within the same profile would also play a role in this feature so you could have multiple qualities in the same group and preferred words could prioritize releases within that group of qualities, that is a separate feature: #1781

@markus101 markus101 modified the milestones: v3.x, v3.0 Nov 25, 2018


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markus101 commented Nov 25, 2018

Done in the v3 work.

@markus101 markus101 closed this Nov 25, 2018

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