Failed Download Handling

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Failed Download Handling is compatible with SABnzbd and NZBGet.

There are a couple components that make up the failed download handling process:

  1. Check Downloader:

a. Queue - Check your downloader's queue for password-protected (encrypted) releases b. History - Check your downloader's history for failure (eg. not enough to repair, or extraction failed)

When Sonarr finds a failed download it starts processing them and does a few things:

  1. Adds a failed event to Sonarr's history
  2. Removes the failed download from Download Client to free space and clear downloaded files (optional)
  3. Starts searching for a replacement file (optional)
  1. Blacklisting Allows automatic skipping of nzbs when they fail, this means that nzb will not be automatically downloaded by Sonarr ever again (You can still force the download via a manual search).

There are 2 advanced options (on 'Download Client' settings page) that control the behavior of failed downloading in Sonarr, at this time, they are all on by default.

  • Redownload - Controls whether or not Sonarr will search for the same episode after a failure
  • Remove - Whether or not the download should automatically be removed from Download Client when the failure is detected
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