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This Guide is to help those who would like to use Linux to run Sonarr. At time of writing this there is not an "Install As Service" option like with the Windows Build, so this needs to be done until a better alternative is found. I have personally tested it so you should have no issues. If you do, please post in the Sonarr Forums and someone will try and help you.

**First ** Make sure Sonarr is installed on your system. You can go here to find out how to do that https://github.com/Sonarr/Sonarr/wiki/Installation

Next I created a .sh or batch file to automate the process of type "sudo mono /opt/NzbDrone/NzbDrone.exe" Here is a link to the batch file so it saves you all from having to do this even though it was easy if you open in a text editor you will see

Batch File: (Just Hit Download to grab it) http://goo.gl/4c8yWg

Next there are two ways of doing this

Method One:

is using rc.local you do this by opening a terminal windows and typing (without quotes) "sudo nano /etc/rc.local" (or if easier you can use a text editor like gedit, pluma, leafpad whatever you have just replace the nano part with what you want

Once this is open go to the bottom and just above where it says "exit 0" type the following for eg.

/bin/sh /home/server/Desktop/NzbDrone.sh

mine was saved to my desktop on my linux machine you will need to edit this to wherever you put the NzbDrone.sh file you downloaded above but remember to keep the /bin/sh first then a space then the rest

Method Two: (With Screenshots)

Go to your menu and find the application to set startup items this may be called many things mine was called Session And Startup


Once this is open i went to Application AutoStart there i clicked on the add button


Next i added the following which you will notice is the same as the one in Method One "/bin/sh /home/server/Desktop/NzbDrone.sh"


after that i gave it a name and then pressed "Ok" and then "Close" i then did a reboot of the system

on reboot i did notice it took a couple more seconds to login this is because this is setting that command to run at login but once logged in i opened my browser and went to http://localhost:8989 and voila it started

I cannot guarantee this will work but it seems to be working for me i am Linux newbie and this took me a while to figure out so hopefully by posting here it will help someone else avoid the trouble i went through

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