Recovering from a Failed Update

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We do everything we can to prevent issues when upgrading, but they occur, this will walk you through the steps of recovering your installation.

Determine the issue

The single best place to look when Sonarr won't start after an update is to check your log files, before trying to start Sonarr again, grab your log files Log Files.

Migration Issue

Migration errors won't be identical, but here is an example:

14-2-4 18:56:49.5|Info|MigrationLogger|*** 36: update_with_quality_converters migrating ***
14-2-4 18:56:49.6|Error|MigrationLogger|SQL logic error or missing database duplicate column name: Items
While Processing: "ALTER TABLE "QualityProfiles" ADD COLUMN "Items" TEXT"

Resolving the issue

In the event of a migration issue there is much you can do immediately, if the issue is specific to you (or there are not yet any posts), please create a post of the forums, if there are others with the same issue, then rest assured we are working on it.

Manually upgrading

Grab the latest release from - if you're running the develop version you can get the latest release here:

Install the update (.exe) or extract (.zip) the contents over your existing installation and re-run Sonarr as you normally would.

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