Supported Indexers

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Newznab is a standardized API used by many usenet indexing sites.

Several presets are available, but most require an API key to be accessible.





Indexer for Japanese media (Anime) exclusively.

NOTE: The original Fanzub site was decommissioned March 1st, 2015. Several alternatives sites implementing the same api may be available.



Known indexers:, Anime Tosho and Nyaa Pantsu.

Torznab is a wordplay on Torrent and Newznab. It uses the same structure and syntax as the Newznab API specification, but exposing torrent-specific attributes and .torrent files. Thus supports a recent rss feed AND backlog searching capabilities. The specification is not maintained and supported by the Newznab organization. (The same api specification is shared with nZEDb)

At this point it's unlikely your favorite tracker supports this. We'll update this post once we become aware of other trackers supporting it. Additionally you can use Jackett. It acts as a Torznab proxy adding Toznab support for more than 100 torrent trackers, but uses website scraping instead of APIs.

Important/Disclaimer: Many torrent trackers thrive on the community and may have rules in place that mandate site visits, karma, votes, comments and all. Please review your tracker rules and etiquette, keep your community alive.
We're not responsible if your account is banned for disobeying rules or accruing HnRs/low-ratio.


Generic torrent RSS feed parser.

NOTE: The RSS feed must contain a pubdate. The release size is recommended as well.



NOTE: BitMeTv requires a cookie to be able to access the rss feed. You'll have to retrieve the cookie using your browser. The cookie should look like:
uid=123456789; pass=abcdef0123456789abcdef0123456789



Private tracker.



Private tracker.



Private tracker, no search api.


Website: none

NOTE: By default only verified releases will be shown, this can be changed in the KAT settings within Sonarr. If you're not seeing results for in some searches, it is likely because they are not verified results.



Torrent Indexer for Japanese media (Anime) exclusively.

NEWS May 06, 2017 According nyaa has been taken down by the author voluntarily without official statement. The site is permanently inaccessible.

Nyaa is down

Nyaa’s website is down since May 1, 2017. The whois records of, and other Nyaa domains state the domains are deactivated. The anime torrent site shut down without an official statement about what happend to the site and it’s domain names. Later the site’s staff confirmed via IRC that the owner took it down voluntarily. Torrent users who can’t access the anime site discuss if Nyaa will return any time soon. Meanwhile many Nyaa se users are looking for Nyaa alternatives and join anime torrent sites like BakaBT, HorribleSubs and Tokyo Toshokan. HorribleSubs recommends to use magnet links for all Nyaa torrents.

The domains and don’t have name servers set and do not point to a website at the moment.

Site has been recreated at (Needs update, can be fixed manually).





Supported Features

Indexer Recent Feed Standard Season Daily Anime Specials
Newznab Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Basic
Fanzub Yes - - - Yes -
Omgwtfnzbs Yes Yes Yes Yes - Basic
Torznab Yes Yes Yes Yes Unknown Unknown
TorrentRss Yes - - - - -
BitMeTv Yes - - - - -
BroadcastheNet Yes Yes Yes Yes - -
HDBits Yes Yes Yes Yes Unknown -
IPTorrents Yes - - - - -
Nyaa Yes - - - Yes Basic
Rarbg Yes Yes Yes Yes - -
Torrentleech Yes - - - - -
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