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Releases: SongTube/SongTube-App

SongTube 6.4.5+1200

15 Apr 18:05
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  • General
    • Fixed videos not loading
    • Fixed clipboard (crashing the app on special cases)

SongTube 6.4.3+1000

19 Feb 14:03
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  • General
    • Fixed videos not loading

SongTube 6.4.2+800

13 Feb 23:37
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  • UI & UX:

    • Small UI Improvements
  • General:

    • Fixed videos not loading
  • Languages:

    • Added Kurdish Language (Thanks to @CYAXXX and @baho_20)

SongTube 6.4.1+600

10 Dec 17:56
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  • Hotfix for Crash issue

SongTube 6.4.0+400

07 Dec 01:10
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  • Audio Only Switch:

    • You can now switch between Video and Audio only on the Video Page
    • When Audio Only is enabled, you can exit the app and control the music on the notifications bar
  • UI & UX:

    • Small Download menu re-design for a cleaner look and feel
    • Tags Editor page has been re-designed
    • Tags Results from MusicBrainz have been re-designed
    • Increased Lyrics size and transition animation on Music Player
    • Improved UI & UX Consistency
  • General:

    • Improved MusicBrainz Auto-Tagger data fetching
    • You can now edit the Artwork in the Tags Results page before saving
    • Current playing songs correctly update their tags if it were modified
    • Fixed some issues with Audio Tagging and Downloads
    • Fixed videos not loading on the video page
    • You can now share you music from Music or Downloads
    • Fixed Audio-Tagger failing on edge cases and filter out illegal search symbols
  • Languages:

SongTube 6.3.0+200

03 Oct 19:47
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  • Playlists & Music Screen:

    • You can now create Playlists using your Music!
    • All music on all Tabs should now load instantly after the first time
    • New Playlists Tab
    • New Albums Tab
    • New Artists Tab
    • New Genres Tab
  • New In-App Equalizer

    • New button on the Music Player to open up the Equalizer
    • Supports Loudness Equalization Gain
    • Supports 6 Band Equalizer
    • Loudness Equalization & Equalizer can be Enabled/Disabled
  • Subscriptions:

    • You can now subscribe to Channels
    • Replaced Youtube Music Tab with Channels
    • Added Plus button on Channel Screen to Discover new Channels
    • Channels screen will show your subscriptions feed by selected Filter (Default by Date)
  • Segmented Downloads:

    • Segmented downloads is now a new download option inside the Audio Download Menu.
    • Videos with Chapters can be downloaded and splitted into separated audio files named Segments
    • New Audio Download menu allow each Segment to have their own tags
    • New Audio Download menu has a button to automatically retrieve all Segments Tags (useful for Mixes)
  • Youtube Video Player:

    • Prioritize video initialization for faster video load time
    • Added button to show Video Description and Chapters
    • Videos should now switch between Qualities and load faster
    • Moved auto-play button to the Video Player
    • Video Player now shows the Chapter name while seeking above Progress Bar
    • Tweaked Comments tile to save a bit of space
    • New collapse animation when scrolling down the suggested videos
  • Settings:

    • Added option to pause you Watch History
    • Added option to Enable/Disable Autoplay upon opening a video
    • Added option to set maximum simultaneous downloads
    • Added option to Enable/Disable Home SearchBar Text Correction
  • Screen & Pages:

    • All content retrieved from Youtube now uses the user default Location
    • Replaced Youtube Music Tab with a new Channels Screen
    • Tweaked a bit the UI for consistency
    • Fused Floating Video/Music Widget with the app Bottom Navigation Bar
    • Re-Designed Channel Page
    • You can now delete individual videos on your Watch History page
    • Moved local videos to a new page on accesible from Library Screen
  • Languages:

  • General:

    • Improved Videos thumbnails quality
    • Optimized downloader a bit
    • Fixed Music Player resuming music if it was interrupted
    • Fixes for Picture in Picture mode
    • Extracting Tags Automatically or Manually should now be more accurate
    • Getting song's lyrics should work better
    • Fixed Download audio menu tags when downloading outside video page

SongTube 6.2.0+150

27 Mar 23:48
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  • Advanced Playlist Download:

    • New playlist menu where you can choose what to download
    • You can change each video download type from audio to video or viseversa
    • You can change all videos to audio/video download type
    • You can select the quality for all the videos to be downloaded
  • Youtube Video Player:

    • Picture in Picture is now supported!
    • The player will now remember the chosen quality
    • Videos should now load faster
    • Video Player now shows current streaming quality text
  • In-App updates support:

    • You can now install download/install an update inside the app
    • The app will check for updates on startup
    • Redesigned updates UI
  • General:

    • Youtube Music screen can now be hidden from Settings
    • Fixed download saving issues on some devices
    • Fixed download saving to SDCard
    • Tags Editor retrieves higher quality Artwork
    • Music Player background now shows behing system Navigation Bar
    • Added a "Copy error" button on cancelled downloads (if needed)
    • Setting's Audio/Video download path option now shows current path
    • Fixed app crash when disabling audio conversion

SongTube 6.0.0+80

10 Mar 04:25
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SongTube 6.0.0:

  • Playlist Creation/Management Support:

    • First implementation of custom Playlists
    • You can now create new Playlists and add Videos to created Playlists
    • You can now save playlists from your search results
  • Youtube Video Player:

    • Re-designed Video Player with much better looking UI
    • Added support for changing streaming quality
    • Added support for double tap to fast back or forward (10s)
    • Added support for vertical drag to change screen brightness (left side, only in fullscreen)
    • Added support for vertical drag to change media volume (right side, only in fullscreen)
    • Related videos are now actually related to the video you are watching
    • Added a button to open video comments!
  • YouTube Extractor:

    • Replaced youtube_explode_dart with newpipe_extractor
    • Loading speed for Search, Channels, Videos, etc, has dramatically improved
    • Search will now show Channels as results!
  • Screens & Pages:

    • Added new Music Screen! You can now search for Music only.
    • Home Screen now shows Trending Videos on app start (No more weird videos)
    • Added a new page for all your saved Playlists! Accesible on Library Screen
    • Consistency between Screens & Pages have been improved
    • Updated and Re-designed the About us Page
  • UI Experience:

    • Added a new and smoother transition animation between pages
    • Improved Search show/hide animation from the Home Screen
    • Pages opening animation have been improved
    • Blur UI Style fixed (Pages now properly makes use of it)
    • Optimized Sliding Panel open/close perfomance (for Videos/Music)
    • Fixed issues where the Collapsed Panel would not respond
    • UI is now more smooth in general
  • Languages:

    • Added Arabic language (Thanks @JOOD_TECH)
    • Added Somali language (Thanks @nadiration)
  • General:

    • Fixed all issues related to Channels and Playlists
    • Added more Shimmer Effects
    • Added an empty indicator wherever it is needed
    • Improved SplashArt Image (Goodbye blurred logo)
    • Switched to GPLv3 license

SongTube 5.6.0+8

02 Feb 00:58
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  • Imported Product Sans font
  • Added missing translations
  • Added Russian Language (Thanks @yxur_bruh)
  • Video Player Portrait/Fullscreen transition is smoother
  • App NavigationBar and AppBar can now hide/shows on scroll
  • Improved SplashArt
  • Added support for Background Playback
  • Blur UI Style disable by default (causes lag)
  • Improved design consistency between screens/pages
  • Improved SearchBar behavior
  • Implemented typeahead suggestions on Youtube SearchBar
  • Moved Download page from Media screen to Downloads screen
  • Added Audio Normalization checkbox on Audio download panel
  • MusicPlayer collapsed panel now expands on Tap
  • Made some IconButtons in the UI easier to Tap
  • Tags Editor will no longer show up on unsupported audio files
  • Added new Library screen that replaces old More screen
  • Implemented Search History on Library screen
  • Implemented Playlist support in the same Video page
  • Deleted old Playlist page
  • DownloadMenu has new button to Download all Related/Playlist videos
  • Video Page is now a Slidable Panel (Like the MusicPlayer)
  • Added a new "About us" page at Library screen
  • Fixed MusicBrainz API results weird characters
  • Added Video duration to search results
  • Implemented support for fast Reverse & Forward on Youtube Player

SongTube 5.3.0+6

24 Dec 22:39
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  • Fixed "Join Telegram" dialog text color
  • Implemented MusicBrainz for Music Tagging
  • Blur Background toggle is now back for Music Player
  • MusicPlayer now preloads previous and next songs Artworks (Which makes song skip smoother)
  • Replaced "Delete Song" dialog in Media's Songs with a better Popup Menu
  • You can now change Tags & Artwork on any song in your Media
  • Black theme is now fully black
  • Implemented Lyrics (One tap on the MusicPlayer Artwork to load it)