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Post-cloud music streaming

Songbee will be a post-cloud music streaming app, similar to Spotify or Deezer. The key difference is: it's free and decentralized, powered by peer-to-peer networks like BitTorrent.

Status: streams music from torrent files (given there are enough seeds).


(Prebuilt packages coming soon!)

Install MPV globally (brew install mpv on macOS, various repos on Linux, but no idea about Windows), then:

git clone && cd desktop
yarn            # or `npm install`, but it's not recommended
yarn run build  # or `npm run build`
yarn start      # or `npm start`

FAQ-like section


Why not?

But this is piracy!

Technically, this violates the DMCA, you're right. However, we will cover for that with optional Bitcoin-powered donations. This would work much like Flattr: say, you pay $10 per month and listen to Ruby My Dear tracks 15 times and to sabufaizu 20 times this month. Ruby My Dear gets $10 * (15/35) = $4.28 and sabufaizu gets the rest.

If the donations are optional, nobody would donate!

Those who don't want to pay wouldn't have paid if Songbee didn't exist.

Still, this is illegal. Music labels will sue you!

Yeah, well, look at the Popcorn Time.

Okay, copyright fighter, so what's the license?

Initially we used Unlicense. However, as we make use of mpv to play the music (and want to bundle it), we've switched to GPLv3 in order to be compatible with its license (GPLv2 or later).