A simple API wrapper for the MyGene.info API.
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A simple Python wrapper for the MyGene API.

For extensive API documentation, see the MyGene site.

Install me from PyPi! pip install mygene-api

Basic Example

Find a given gene with the id: CDK2.

""" Use the query API to find a gene with 
the given symbol.
from mygene.gene import Gene

results = Gene.find_by(q='CDK2')
for r in result:
    print r._id, r.name

>>> 1017 cyclin-dependent kinase 2
12566 cyclin-dependent kinase 2
362817 cyclin dependent kinase 2
52004 CDK2-associated protein 2

Detailed Example

Given an known gene, get it's begin and end coordinates.

""" Use the annotation API to find the full 
details of a given gene.
from mygene.gene import gene

gene = Gene.get('1017')
print gene._id, gene.genomic_pos_hg19['start'], gene.genomic_pos_hg19['end']

>>> 1017 56360553 56366568

This library also supports the metadata API.

from mygene.metadata import Metadata

metadata = Metadata.get_metadata()
print metadata.stats['total_genes']

>>> 12611464