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MTUS Timeuse Visualisation
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Timeuse Datavisualisation

This application visualizes the MTUS-adult-aggregate.csv file from The Centre For Time Use Research Skimming over their Multinational Time Use Study Documentation is recommended


  • Python 2.7
  • mongodb
  • pip

How to set it up

Install the necessary requirements

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

Import your csv file into mongo change collection_name and filepath accordingly

$ mongoimport -d timeuse -c collection_name --type csv --file filepath --headerline


$ mongoimport -d timeuse -c france --type csv --file MTUS/france.csv --headerline

I'm working with just one csv like this:

$ mongoimport -d timeuse -c all --type csv --file MTUS/all.csv --headerline

How to start your application

$ python collection_name optional_heatmap optional_grouped_activities

Only the collection_name is required, the other 2 parameters are optional, by default they are set to 1 If you want to improve performance (does not affect initial loading time) you can set them to 0 so the heatmap and grouped_activities won't get rendered.

$ python all 0 0

The application can now be accessed at localhost:8080

Read the Wiki

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