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A Node.JS script that reads the Tracks on Deck A and B from Traktor via midi.
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A Node.JS script that reads the Tracks on Deck A and B from Traktor via midi. Currently the Metadata gets output to console, I plan on adding a local page that gets updated via jQuery, so it can be used as a Stream overlay with OBS and their Browser Plugin.

##How-To Requirements: Have Node and NPM installed.

  npm install
  node index.js

Now fire up Traktor, add the Denon HC4500 in the Controller Manager, select None as MIDI-In and as MIDI-Out. There is no need to further configure anything, as the Denon Controller sends the MetaData constantly to the Midi port specified. Once you load a Track onto your Deck it will display in your console after 10-20secs (this is due to Denon sending the Chars one by one)

##Explanation As it turns out, the Denon DN-HC4500 sends the track title, artist it displays via Midi. Every Midi Command is structured the following way: [command, number, value]

Below is the Midi Command Sheet, so if the command is 0xBn (where n is the channel number (Deck A = 0, Deck B = 1)), one can check the number and if it is 0x01<=number<=0x39 it is a Character sent to the LCD display. 0x01 through 0x2D is Deck A and 0x0E through 0x39 is Deck B.

For a single Char we need two values, one from MSB and one from LSB, together they form the Char using

MSB<<4 | LSB

So if MSB is 0100 and LSB is 1101 this would result in:

01001101 -> 77

Which is the CharCode for 'M'.

Further down is the sheet from the Denon manual displaying the Char Table.

Credit where credit is due: If it wasn't for this Thread I would have never figured this out by myself.

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