set up a CEPH cluster
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set up a CEPH cluster

Pre-requisites: $ vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostmanager

  1. Create 7 VM's with Centos 7 a Ceph admin node 3 Ceph monitor nodes 3 Ceph OSD nodes

    $ vagrant up

    $ vagrant reload

  2. SSH to the Ceph admin node and cd to my-cluster folder.

    $ vagrant ssh cephmaster -c

    $ cd my-cluster

  3. Create an SSH key and copy it to all the nodes

    $ ./

    Note: always choose default option (just enter), password is vagrant unless you changed this.

  4. Run script to create Ceph Storage Cluster

    $ ./

    Note: if something goes wrong, simply run:

    $ ./

  5. Check the health of your new Ceph cluster

    $ ceph -s

More info: