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The Authoring Tools Framework (ATF) is a collection of C#/.NET components for building game development tools on Windows®. ATF has been used as the basis for sound modeling and audio bank tools, level editors, character animation blending tools, scripting language debuggers and timeline/sequence tools. For example, see this open source level editor built with ATF.

The LittleBigPlanet Level Editor shown here was developed by Cambridge Studio using ATF. For other applications like this, see the ATF Gallery and list of ATF adopters.

ATF is a technology with great depth in some of its areas. To learn whether ATF is for you and to make effective use of it, you'd be well-advised to acquire the background offered in the ATF documentation, especially topics mentioned in the ATF Getting Started section.

To see what ATF has to offer, look at Is ATF for You. You'll find high level overviews of ATF in a video, feature descriptions, and the essence of ATF. This section is part of ATF Getting Started, where you can find all sorts of useful links:

Some other useful information sources for ATF:

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