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Our codebase for the IGVC 2020 Competition.

Dev Setup

Run sudo ./ from within the setup directory the first time you clone this repository to install the needed dependencies, install udev rules, and more automatically. This will also provide a few useful commands to make ROS easier.


Running igvc_deps from anywhere will update the dependencies defined in setup/igvc.deps.


Running . igvc_make from anywhere will run catkin_make in igvc_ws and then source igvc_ws/devel/setup.bash for you. Running igvc_make instead will still catkin_make in igvc_ws but not source anything.

Robot Setup

Run sudo ./ from within the setup directory. This will install udev rules, init.d rules, dependencies, and more.

Component or System documentation

See our GitHub wiki at

Updating dependencies

To update the dependencies in this repo, modify the setup/igvc.deps file, and then run vcs import < igvc.deps from the setup folder.

Project Dependencies

  • vcstool: we use this to manage all the external github dependencies and ROS packages we need.