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This version packs a fairly large changeset. It will almost definitely
break your code, although the fix/adjustment is likely to be minor.
+* Added `Database.Cassandra.Marshall` that is now intended to be the
+ primary module to be used in all Cassandra operations. This module
+ supercedes and replaces the `Database.Cassandra.JSON` high level
+ module. Building on top of the Basic module, Marshall allows user to
+ pick the serialization methodology for each of the operations. We
+ provide out of box support for JSON, cereal, safecopy and plain old
+ show/read.
* Vastly enhanced the Database.Cassandra.Pack module to represent
types that Cassandra can sort and validate.
* Added CasType typeclass that offers `encodeCas` and `decodeCas`
@@ -98,11 +106,19 @@ break your code, although the fix/adjustment is likely to be minor.
* Added a bunch of newtype wrappers to directly map to types Cassandra
knows. These include `TAscii`, `TBytes`, `TInt`, `TUtf8` and some
+* A new `TTimeStamp` type makes it easier to have timestamps as
+ Long-encoded columns.
* Changed several methods in Basic and JSON modules to expect CasType
column key values instead of concrete ByteString.
* Added the useful `packCol` and `unpackCol` functions to smoothly
handle column key type conversions when working with the Basic
+* There is now a `Retry` module for automatically retrying queries
+ flexibly. Just pass any of your cassy operations to the retrying
+ combinator and it will be retried in case of server-related failure.
+* There is now simple support for pagination of columns in wide rows,
+ CPS-style. See the `paginate` function in
+ `Database.Cassandra.Marshall`.
* Made the Cas monad a simple type synonym for ReaderT CPool.
* Added the `get_` metho to `JSON` to make it easier to discard key
names and just get the column contents.
@@ -120,13 +136,11 @@ break your code, although the fix/adjustment is likely to be minor.
* Connection pooling now builds on top of the resource-pool library to
initiate connections to multiple servers in round-robin fashion.
* Basic.insert now knows how to insert a SuperColumn.
## TODOs
* Add support for counters and batch mutators
-* Add support for composite columns
* Add support for database/admin operations
## Contributions

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