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Introduction to Python Workshop

Welcome to the Macquarie University Library - Software Carpentry, Introduction to Python Workshop.

In this repository you will find all the workshop materials used during the workshop.

Here's our Workshop Collaboration Google Doc

Google Doc Icon

Getting Started

  1. Forking

    To create your own copy of this repository you need to Fork it (make a copy) using the Fork button in the top right hand corner of the GitHub page for this repository:

    Fork this Repo

    A copy of this repository will be created in your personal GitHub account, and GitHub will automatically take you there.

    Note the change in repository URL and title once you have created your own fork.

  2. Comitting a Change

    To demontstrate version control (and prove you are working on your fork) let's change this document.

    While viewing this, click the Edit (pencil) icon:


    then update the "Launch My Python Workshop on Binder" link (below in Step 3) to use your own GitHub username.

    Then below the heading Commit changes, add a comment (eg, "Update My Binder Link") then click the Commit Changes button.

  3. Launch Binder and load your repository

    We will be using Binder ( to run all the tools we will be using in this workshop.

    Binder offers a free service that enables us to run Jupyter Lab in the cloud and access it via a web browser. We will be using Jupyter Lab for all our Python, Shell and Git exercises.

    Binder will clone (download a copy of) your workshop repository to provide you access to the lesson episodes and examples inside a Jupyter Lab.

    To ensure Binder clones your respository, you will need to update the link below to include your GitHub username:

    Don't click -> Launch My Python Workshop on Binder <- until you have added your GitHub username.


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