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@@ -10,17 +10,16 @@ attachment type that correctly responds to a `path` method.
- An account for accessing the API (They are free at the moment)
## Installation
-Add has_face to your Gemfile and then run bundle
+Add has_face to your Gemfile and then bundle
gem 'has_face'
-Once installed we need to add our API details to an
-initializer. Either run the generator:
+Once installed run the generator to create an initializer
rails g has_face:install
-This will create an initializer located at `config/initializers/has_face.rb`
-which you can edit. Or you can just copy the snippet blow:
+Then open up `config/initializers/has_face.rb` and enter your
+API details.
# config/initializers/has_face.rb
HasFace.configure do |config|
@@ -36,6 +35,17 @@ Simply add a validation to the image you want to ensure has faces:
validates :avatar, :has_face => true
+## i18n
+Error messages generated are i18n safe. To alter the error message shown
+add this to your `config/locale/en.yml`
+ en:
+ activerecord:
+ errors:
+ messages:
+ no_face: "We couldn't see a face in your photo, try taking another one."
## Skipping face validations for testing
Face validations can be turned off for testing by setting the

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